Our Experience in the South African & Zambian Credit  Management Industry defines us as a competent  &  World Class Institution to help you collect  those debts improve your cash flow & grow your business
Efficacy Group, is a newly established  provider of credit management solutions to its Zambian & South African Esteemed clients who trade between the two countries.
Welcome to Efficacy Group
Our core service is the collection of accounts receivables encompassing the entire credit cycle using both call centre based and field visit collections. With having registered & experienced debt collectors on our data base  we can assist you in collection of  debts in both South Africa & Zambia. Inherent in this service is an option to acquire accounts receivables portfolios and we view our strong balance sheet as a key differentiating factor in unlocking value for its clients

We are also able to handle your receivables function from invoicing credit controlling, until reporting
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