Our core service is the collection of accounts receivables encompassing the entire credit cycle using both call centre based and field visit collections. With having registered & experienced debt collectors on our data base  we can assist you in collection of  all  kinds of debts in both South Africa & Zambia. Inherent in this service is an option to acquire accounts receivables portfolios  we view our strong practical working experience in both markets as a key differentiating factor in unlocking value for its clients

We are also able to handle your receivables function from invoicing credit controlling, until reporting

Our Specialised Services Include Debt Collection( South Africa) , While in Our Zambian Market we offer Debt Collection Services, Third party Debit Order Collections & Full function Credit Control Outsourcing.

We regard the Invaluable experience of over 20yrs  in Credit
Management Industry among the 3 Founders  of our Company in
both the South African & Zambian market in various industries
ranging from Banking…Micro financial institutions,
Telecommunications FMCG & Security as a catalyst that should
spur enormous confidence in entrusting us with handling with all
your credit management needs

Furthermore, we believe our future will be assured only by:
•  continuing to provide superior performance;
•  maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity;
•  understanding clients’ needs and tailoring solutions
     appropriately; and
•  compliance with all laws and regulations.

We aim to render appropriate returns to clients and
shareholders whilst interacting with all stakeholders in a
professional, honest and dignified manner.
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We are a fully Registered South African Company registration  number 2018/199819/07 & Tax Cleared by the South African Revenue Service Sars
Our Debt collectors are professional & registered officers with key legislatures for example the Council of Debt collectors in South Africa, This means our Debt Collectors can legally collect in South Africa

We all also comply to all regulatory statues in our countries of operation.

Efficacy group Pty Ltd will also be operating in the Zambian Credit Management industry we are subject to regulation. Both municipal and state authorities regulate the industry and operations we carry out through licenses, permits, laws and bylaws. Efficacy Group will obtain all necessary permits, licenses, insurance and clearance to operate its facilities. There can be no assurance that  Efficacy Group' operation and profitability will not be subject to more restrictive regulation or increased taxation by the state, or local agencies in the future. Efficay Group  business is most affected by taxes and employment law requirements which, to date have not presented major obstacles to profitable operations. Should further obstacles arise, we are prepared to alter any of our operations in order to remain in compliance, while protecting our profits and assets.
Meet our team

Our Founder and Directors  are highly qualified and play vital roles in ensuring the success  and sustainability of our business.
Our team represent  a diverse representation of age, gender and ethnic diversity. In addition, they possess a range of expertise and knowledge that is sufficient to provide guidance and oversight.
Patrick Chinambu
Founder, Managing Director (South Africa) Efficacy Group (Pty) Ltd

Patrick holds a diploma in business management Obtained in the UK through the Association of Business Managers & Administrators (ABMA) in 2009; he is also a holder of the Certificate in Business Accounting obtained through the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) In 2015. Under the Institute of Credit Management in South Africa, Patrick has Credit Management 1 designation. He is also currently pursuing his diploma in Management Accounting under the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA). He also holds various Leadership & Credit Management certifications obtained through various organisations throughout  his working life.

He is a registered member of the Council of Debt Collectors in South Africa, an oversight body enacted through an act of Parliament to regulate Debt Collection in South Africa.

Patrick has over 8 years proven work experience mainly in Credit Management Starting off at Barclays Bank in Zambia where he worked as a Collection Officer between 2007 to 2009, he later joined Blue Financial Services (Z) Ltd as a Collections Team Leader Corporate accounts a position he held till 2011.

In Early 2012 he relocated to South Africa and joined ADT Security Company and worked as a Senior Credit Controller Until 2015 when he was promoted as an Assistant Accountant in the Project  Accounting Department  at ADT South Africa.

In Mid 2017 Patrick left ADT Security and joined Nimble Group as a Consultant mainly focussing on Credit Management books that Nimble Group handle on an outsourcing basis In his Entrepreneurship spirit, Patrick has in Early 2018 founded and established  Efficacy Group (Pty) Ltd, a Pan-African Credit Management firm deemed to revolutionaries Credit Management in African countries across the region.